Welcome Also Admin

First, welcome to the Also Admin. I decided to start writing about my experiences with Salesforce and make my contribution to the Salesforce #Ohana. DISCLAIMER: I am by no means the most experienced Salesforce admin or have all the answers. However, I have acquired a fairly large wealth of knowledge spanning many of the products Salesforce offers. It is my hope that I can help others that are now standing in my shoes when I first started.

So, what exactly is an Also Admin. Most likely if you are reading this, it is you. Basically, an also admin is someone with a well-defined, full-time job that has been given the responsibility to also admin a system. In this case, Salesforce.

First a little about myself. I have a bachelors degree in Mass Communications with a concentrated in web design. I have been developing websites for 25+ years so undergrad was a fairly easy experience. I have a masters in Computer Science with a concentration in cyber security. I am the Director of Information Technology for a company that designs and manufacturers laser measuring equipment. September 2020 marks my 20-year anniversary with the company. I grew from building lasers during college to running the support department to basically managing everything that uses electricity. Within 6 months of implementing our Salesforce org, I became a Certified Salesforce Admin, something you should look into yourself.

In the fall of 2016, I convinced our company to drop our homegrown CRM system and move to Salesforce. Let me say now that it was not an easy transition, but it was one we needed and one that I had been pushing for years.

Building and deploying a Salesforce org from scratch is not a small task by any measure. Neither is managing a well-seasoned org either. In fact, I would argue that the latter is harder. But for a new also admin, where do you start? Hang tight and I will help you out.